Study visit to Independent Authority for Public Revenue, Greece

Representatives of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan participated in a 5-day study visit to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue of the Hellenic Republic.
The Governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue welcomed the representatives and pointed out that this study visit will provide practical insight of the application of TP guidelines developed in the first activity, by allowing the BC tax officials to:

  • gain familiarity with the MS transfer pricing guidelines;
  • exchange views on the various risk-analysis approaches;
  • identify the most important challenges that tax administrations face in transfer pricing audits.

During the study visit, tax officials of IAPR made presentations on the definition of related enterprises, Arm’s Length Principle, transfer pricing documentation requirements, case selection and risk indicators for transfer pricing purposes, as well as risk assessment procedure using software for TP issues. They also gave information on APA and their practical application in Greece.

The participants:

  • observed an APA meeting with a taxpayer and followed the discussions and evaluation process of the next steps;
  • visited the Audit Center for Large Enterprises and had the chance to examine real TP audit files and discuss the audit differences;
  • visited the specialized TP unit and reviewed actual TP audits performed;
  • discussed benchmark analysis issues by using database tools;
  • examined a real MAP case request and had the opportunity to discuss the case with the auditor performing the audit by asking questions and analyzing the case data;
  • visited the E-governance Directorate where they discussed practical aspects of automatic exchange of information regarding CRS and CbC.

At the end of the study visit, the Governor of IAPR held a closing meeting with the tax officials of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan and highlighted the importance of a follow-up visit in the future.

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