Interviewing the BC Project Leader

Mr Orkhan Musayev, BC Project Leader, shared his views on the Kick-off meeting of the project. He highly appreciated the hard work implemented during the organizational phase on the way to the event and added that this success is, in particular, the outcome of close co-operation between the associated parties through the Twinning Project team.
Mr Musayev stated that he will make sure each of the components satisfy the expectations of Beneficiary Country from the project. He will also contribute to an interactive and cost-efficient exchange of information, know-how, and best practices, to a close liaison between the component leaders, and to support STEs for delivering their skills and knowledge to the target group in order to obtain the realization of custom-tailored deliverables of the project.      
In his conclusion remarks, he emphasized that the efforts put by all parties involved so far, will continue to secure the sustainability of all the achievements in the days to come.

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