Improve the usage of domestic and international databases, knowledge management platform for transfer pricing purposes

During the 5-day seminar, the experts of IAPR of Hellenic Republic Ms. Aikaterini Oikonomakou, Mr. Alexandros Roukalis, and Mr. Markos Xydas delivered to target group members of the Ministry of Taxes the sessions on usefulness of databases, timing in terms of usage, OECD documentation methods, and the most expedient Profit Level Indicators (PLIs).  

Within the course of seminar, the STEs trained BC tax officials on mostly used databases such as, TP Catalyst, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters and distinctions thereof, advantages and disadvantages of databases, the way of using them. Through a workshop, trainees had a chance to use a database for conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as determine and justify interquartile range (IQR) for TP purposes.  In addition, the seminar participants obtained information on how to comprehensively analyze financial transactions, including loan transactions, which require a particular approach since they have specific peculiarities.

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