Improve the procedures to tackle an abusive tax haven schemes and tax fraud – Workshop for BEPS Actions 8-10, and 13

The workshop conducted by Dr. Aikaterini Perrou, Ms. Fanara Foteini and, Ms. Karakike Konstantia, experts of IAPR of Hellenic Republic, concerned the Actions 8-10, and 13 of the BEPS. Within the course of the workshop, STEs had discussions with their counterparts at the Ministry of Taxes. They exchanged views on potential improvements to Beneficiary Country’s primary and secondary legislations on transfer pricing, as well as touched the matters of OECD BEPS Actions 8-10, and 13 in order to provide recommendations in this regard. The parties reviewed amendments to be considered for incorporation into domestic legislation with respect to BEPS Actions 8-10, and 13 and secondary adjustments.  Deliverables of the workshop were recommendations on OECD BEPS Actions 8-10, and 13 related to primary and secondary legislation, as well as recommendations on domestic primary legislation in terms of secondary adjustments.

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