Capacity building to implement TP auditing mechanism for auditors of Local Revenue Department of the Ministry of Taxes – Basic level

In July, short-term expert mission of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue of Greece, composed of Mr. Alexandros Roukalis, Mr Ioannis Manousakis, and Mrs. Aikaterini Oikonomakou delivered a 5-day customized training sessions for the tax auditors of the Local Revenue Department of the Ministry of Taxes. This activity aimed to present, discuss, and analyse the transfer pricing audit process for specific sectors through real case scenarios. The topics covered during this training were concepts of arm’s length principle and control of related parties, comparability analysis, FAR analysis, documentation methods (PLIs), intangibles & DEMPE analysis, interquartile range & TP adjustments, and services, including low-value added. In addition to the abovementioned, tax officials were also introduced an interpretation of TP in domestic tax legislation by Mr. Jeyhun Ismayilov, RTA Counterpart, Component 2 Leader. Meanwhile, the sessions and all the training materials were delivered in native language for the benefit of the audience

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