Advance Pricing Agreements system in the field of Transfer Pricing

The first activity of 2019 took place in January and encompassed the activity of identification and development of appropriate Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) system for the Beneficiary Country. The experts of IAPR of Hellenic Republic, Dr. Aikaterini Perrou, Ms. Sofrona Lydia-Elisavet, and Ms. Livitsanou Charikleia visited the Ministry of Taxes to exchange views, analyze, and discuss the design of the primary and secondary legislations with BC counterparts on relevant APA system in the field of TP. The workshop started with a brief presentation by STEs on international APA practice and after a fruitful week of action together with their colleagues, they developed a recommendation package with respect to APA system in the field of TP for implementation in the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

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